Top Ten Tips to Love it Or Let it Go – Get Ready to Sell Your Home

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So you have decided to put your house up for sale. Maybe you are moving for a new job, you’re getting divorced and the house can only hold one of you, you’re pregnant and you just realized you’ve run out of bedrooms or you’re empty nesters, ready to down size or up size. So what is the first thing you should do?

1. Before you call the real estate agent, look around. Take junk haulers sacramento inventory of your stuff and think about whether or not it still works for you. Are you holding onto it because you always have? Do you need the thing to remind you of the memories it holds?

You’ll always have your memories. Let go of all except your most adored photos and momentos. If it makes you smile and feel good, keep it. Put it out where you can see it every day. If it doesn’t make you happy, toss, sell or donate.

2. Do you save things in case you might need them someday?

If you dig it out and you forgot you even had it stored away, toss, sell or donate.

3. Do you keep things packed in boxes and move them from house to house, never unpacking them?

Those boxes are sucking the energy out of you. Open the boxes and consider the fact you haven’t used or needed the stuff in the boxes or it wouldn’t still be in the boxes.
Toss, sell or donate then throw away the box.

4. What about your collections? Yes it’s fun to hunt for those new additions, but couldn’t you instead make your life about the passion driving your collecting?

Take a hard look at your collections, discover what inspired you to start collecting and then let your collection go. Got a train set? Donate to a children’s group. Barbies? Sell on eBay. Let it go and find another way to be a kid again instead.

5. Are your closets stuffed with clothes you don’t wear… or even like?

Let go of the guilt for buying them, not fitting into them, or for not having the lifestyle you bought them for. Sell, donate or toss.

6. Do you have project stuff stashed away in closets? Sweaters you’re going to knit, jewelry you’re going to bead, lumber destined to be shelves one day?

It’s great to have projects. Just know which ones you are really committed to. If your time is better spent buying that sweater or you just can’t seem to get around to learning how to knit, let the yarn go. And the needles.

7. Is it hard to find wall space in your home? Has the furniture gradually multiplied until you have to squeeze past it in some rooms?

Unless you love it or it has real function, let it go. If you aren’t using it regularly, or if its main function is attracting dust, sell it, toss it or donate it. Let someone else find your new treasure on Craigslist or eBay or at Goodwill.


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