Stamping stretching parts manufacturer forming process type

There are many kinds of common pulse depth in hardware processing, and different shape measters are in the position, deformation properties of the deformation zone during the cross. The stress state and distribution law of each part of the blank have a considerable difference, and some of the substances are even in nature.

Therefore, the determined process parameters, the number of steps, and the structure of the mold, and the structure of the mold are also different. Various tensile parts can be divided into the following four basic nature, direct quantity cylindrical colors according to the characteristics of deformation. Straight wall cassette member, axisymmetric curved piece and non-axial surface shape. First, the cylindrical piece 1. The precision stamping deformation zone at the time of the detachment in the depth of the blank is the conversion area of \u200b\u200bthe flange portion of the blank, and does not participate in the main deformation 2. The blank dielectric region produces tangential compression and radial elongation deformation 3. The extreme stream parameters are mainly loaded by the blank force region. Limit Second, cassette production 1. The deformation properties are the same as the round steel shape, but the distribution of deformation is uneven on the periphery of the incident, and the rounded portion is deformable. Straight skewers are divided into small 2. On the surrounding edge of Mao, due to the uneven intersection, the four-corner part and the straight skeleton have mutual influence Third, the axis symmetric curved surface Parts – Deformation zone of the blank is composed of two parts: 1. The deformation of the blank is far from the cylindrical parts, resulting in cutting pressure and radial pressurized deformation [ 123]

2. The intermediate portion of the blank is two-way, pull-shaped deformed zones

four, non-axis-symmetric curved pieces

1. The deformation zone of the blank is from the outside The defensive zone and the internal floral deformation zone are composed, and the distribution on the perimeter of the blank is uneven

2. When the surface of the flange is deposited, there is also a deformation zone in the outer circumference of the blank. Shear deformation

Haixin precision Haoxin precision hardware processing, stamping mold manufacturers determine the rules worthy of stamping parts worthwhile.

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