Should You Build an iPhone App? The Data Speaks

I am a heavy iPhone 3GS user with sixty four set up programs, most free and a few paid. I’m again and again requested a easy questions with the aid of pals, media executives, and entrepreneurs – Should I build an iPhone (Android, Palm, Blackberry, and many others.) utility? I will use this put up to explore that idea.

There is a process to think about whilst answering this query. Let’s first evaluation the relevant information:

Gartner currently stated overall annual worldwide cellphone income of 286.1 million (Nokia – 47%, Blackberry – 17%, and iPhone -3%)

Other specific iPhone App store information as of 8/31/2009 (thanks to 148Apps):

Total packages to be had in the iPhone App Store – 72,272

18 % of the overall applications are Games

In August 2009 – 7,133 apps were submitted to Apple for approval (230/day)

Over the beyond 30 days it took a mean of nine days (max of 28 days) for Apple to approve (and make stay) new packages inside the App Store. This is down from a max of 163 days in March 2009.

Average App fee – $2.Forty nine

Average Game price – $1.40

23% of available Apps – FREE

forty five% of to be had Apps – $0.99

12% of to be had Apps – $1.99

6% of available Apps – $2.Ninety nine

2% of to be had Apps – $3.99

three.Five% of available Apps – $four.Ninety nine, and pokémon sword download then it is going directly to splitting hairs.

FREE may not be most of the people primarily based upon App availability, yet FREE is most of the people from a unit download perspective. The determine I am advised is that for each paid App downloaded there are 15 FREE ones downloaded.

The most popular classes of Apps are Games (18%,) Entertainment (14%,) Books (thirteen%,) Travel (7%,) and Utilities (7%.) See the total list of classes.

A few takeaways from the records:

The iPhone/iTouch platform is in hockey stick boom mode and that is in all likelihood to preserve for a while.

The listing of to be had iPhone Apps is likewise in hockey stick increase mode with price points getting lower and great FREE alternatives growing.

Similar to the problems companies have advertising cell programs, App publishers will want to depend more on their very own (potentially costly) advertising efforts to force App adoption.

IPhone App save adoption is mainly from consumers and no longer companies – spur-of-the-moment, low fee choice making.

With masses of FREE Apps and function overlap, successful App publishers will need to deliver superb merchandise, leverage brands, and offer unique cellular price.


Think Carefully About Your Objectives. Is this to generate sales, extend a brand/product, capitalize on a advertising vehicle, and so on. Make positive you’re strategic right here as your general fee of ownership (TCO) isn’t just the prematurely development costs.

Determine Your Apps “Secret Sauce” – The Unique and Compelling Reason Folks will Use it on the Road. This is vital – having a emblem and re-purposing web content material isn’t compelling sufficient as you may grow to be frustrating your clients with a sub-par yawn of a mobile experience.

Work Through a Business and Financial Plan with a Full P&L. Do your homework, discover the goal purchaser, determine your competitive positioning, pricing approach, fee structure for preliminary improvement and ongoing preservation, acquisition/retention advertising, and so forth. You do not need to be a information genius to figure out that with pricing stress compelled downward, financially successful Apps will want lots of paying customers. You need to be capable of discern out a destroy-even factor and your ROI.

Don’t Rely at the “If I Build it They Will Come” – Plan for Ongoing Resources and a Time Commitment. Once you initially launch the product you may possibly want ongoing professional economic, product, mobile improvement, acquisition, and retention folks to build the commercial enterprise. The story of a single developer making hundreds of thousands on his self-evolved iPhone App isn’t always the norm.

Find Ways to Get Your Product Out There, Fast. If you have a compelling and specific mobile concept and constrained finances do not permit that discourage you. Get imaginative, devote the time, and discover ways to tolerate much less sleep. If you positioned your thoughts to it, there are usually methods for real marketers to get in advance while not having deep pockets. For instance, a organization called Swebapps created MobileRoadie, a self-carrier, template-primarily based iPhone software improvement platform that permits non-technical customers to build iPhone Apps inside an hour. The cost stages from $200-$400 and a $25-$30/mo. Web hosting charge. That is a great deal higher than the typical $10-20k cost others App developers fee to build then an iPhone App.

Build and Launch an Exceptionally Great Product. Whether you are a big media organisation or a single developer with a novel concept for an iPhone App, make certain what you put out works properly and is of excellent first-rate. Many folks (along with myself) are stimulated to get internet-based products launched earlier of being perfect. Reason being, product development at the internet occurs whilst it is stay. Consumers are tolerant of “beta” variations, insects, etc. And apprehend enhancements come over the years. Much better to get out speedy and acquire feedback from stay customers rather than the identical team of inner builders and QA professionals. This isn’t always absolutely the case with iPhone Apps, especially if you are going to get featured or advertised with the aid of Apple. Mobile users are an awful lot greater sensitive to buggy Apps on their iPhones – duh, it’s their phon