Molecular sieve purification system electric heater failure cause and solution

According to the molecular sieve purification system electric heater and the structure and working principle of the wander, the cause of the electric heater failure is analyzed and the solution to the adjustment of the interlocking function to the adjustment cabinet in order to avoid the occurrence of similar faults. Improvement measures and effects of the width 1. Pick the temperature controller over temperature relay 4kA-pickedly from the split coil of the universal circuit breaker. When the TICA1206 ≥ 195 ° of the DCS system is input, the interlock signal makes the relay 3ka power small space heater down, the Zhou Wong controller is powered, the width is stopped; if the thyristor is broken, the Zhou Wong controller loses control, the temperature will continue When the temperature controller is 220 ° set, the supernovation relay is 6KA-absorbent, so that the universal circuit breaker trips, the transfer cabinet is powered off, and the second set of electric heating tube is interrupted. 2. Install a thermal resistor on the electric heater cylinder, the new temperature digital display controller displays the furnace temperature, set the furnace super temperature-lock value of 240 ° C, and turn the controller alarm normally open Go to the split coil of the universal circuit breaker. Once a dry fashing occurs during the blow, the digital display temperature shows the temperature of 240 ° C, the universal circuit breaker trips, and the tunnel is powered. This measures can prevent the increasing electric heating tube to expand. 3. Install the 1500A fast fuse on each phase of the universal circuit breaker to protect the thyristor. However, due to the three-phase four-line arrangement of the electric heating pipe system, the two-phase fast-filled burnout of the one-phase or vertical solid solution furnace will result in a large zero-order current on the zero line, and the fast melting is installed for safety. The impactor, the impactor on each phase often opens the universal circuit breaker on the sliding coil of the universal circuit breaker. Once any fast fusion impactor is burned, the universal circuit breaker trips, and the cabinet is powered off.

Through the transformation of the tongue cabinet, the thyristor can also be prevented from being damaged from the electric heating tube, the thyristor fault to the electric heater, avoiding the drying of electric heating tube and the electric heater outlet gas. The expansion of over-temperature faults, improve the electrical protection function of the tongue cabinet. Strengthen everyday inspection and maintenance, diligent to the power supply chamber to run the adjustment: Whether the cooling fan is running, the three-phase output power table indicates whether the three-phase current is balanced to avoid large zero sequence currents on the zero line. And judge whether the electric heating tube has a burnout phenomenon, and it has been found in the accident. Preferably, the electric heating tube is used to use a triangular connection. The top cover is required for regular opening and tighten each wiring site.

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