Martial Arts and True-Globe Self-Protection – Using the Kubotan Self-Defense Keychain

Quite possibly the most astonishing matter that my pupils understand Once i teach a seminar or workshop about the Kubotan self-defense keychain, is simply how a lot of things can be achieved with this straightforward-seeking little Resource. Which, is part of It really is power!

Many people, like would-be attackers, undervalue custom wood keychains the success on the Kubotan. In the end, it appears like a Fats pencil and it is barely large enough to fit extend in the closed hand that is holding it. But that is certainly where by the magic begins.

While most instructors target utilizing the Kubotan in an overtly intense way, I train my pupils to work with this effective minimal weapon to “assault the concealed spots” – the locations wherever your assailant can neither see nor secure…

…until eventually it’s way too late.

The Kubotan has three primary capabilities, or techniques, by which it might deliver the maximum amount of harm having a small degree of work to the Portion of the defender. This methods are:

one. Levering or crushing

2. Placing, and…

three. Scraping

And, when finished against distinct targets over the opponent’s body, the effects could be devastating.

The three attack solutions can be employed in a variety of means in opposition to distinct “delicate spots,” generally known as kyusho (pronounced “kyoo-exhibit”) in Japanese. These a few areas, or goal kinds, are.

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