5 Digital Marketing Tactics to Increase Sales in Your Amazon Store

There are plenty of reasons to start an eCommerce store with the help of Amazon. Similar to Shopify, Target, and other online selling platforms, it gives store owners the chance to focus on their craft instead of worrying about building a good foundation for selling their goods. Amazon comes with a great deal of benefits, though it still requires plenty of work to get the job done. For example, search engine optimization (SEO) is often needed, which means Amazon SEO services are always in demand.

With digital marketing taking center stage, it is similarly crucial for store owners to make good use of reviews services for the sake of their online reputation. It’s a lot to take in, but it’s easy to gain a foothold on the marketplace by focusing on Amazon marketing. Here are five digital marketing tactics to increase sales for an Amazon store.

  • Understanding the Amazon algorithm

The first thing to consider when marketing through Amazon would be the Amazon algorithm. Much like any other search engine algorithm, it prioritizes some aspects over others. For example, the Google algorithm looks for user experience (UX) when ranking websites, as stated by the Google Page Experience Update. In the case of Amazon, much of it has to do with product ratings. Understanding the algorithm is crucial for any online store owner, as it helps them know the right keywords to use and how best to deal with certain issues.

  • The importance of review services

As stated above, product reviews are some of the most crucial aspects when dealing with Amazon stores. Getting high ratings for products is priority number one for online store owners, so using professionals who specialize in product reviews can ease much of the burden. Its goal is to encourage users to not only give the products a try but also to leave a rating.

  • A few less-than-stellar reviews are beneficial, provided the overall rating is good

While it might seem like a terrible thing to get a few negative or average reviews alongside positive feedback, there are still some advantages to be had. For example, having average reviews mixed in can make the listing look that much more genuine. There will be some people who will not trust products that have nothing but the highest product rating. It also gives online stores a chance to make things right when answering a negative review.

  • The purpose of emailing customers

Email outreach is often considered an old SEO tactic that does not always work out, but there’s a good chance the online store can get quite a few positive reviews out of the whole thing. For example, having a system that emails customers after a purchase asking for a rating can be a surprisingly effective strategy, provided the store offers quality products.

  • Understanding keywords with Amazon SEO

When it comes to SEO and digital marketing, keywords play a substantial role, often determining whether the marketing campaign fails or succeeds. That said, there are some situations that might seem too challenging to overcome. For example, if the relevant keywords have a low volume on Amazon, even a good SEO marketing campaign won’t do much good, as too few people are writing down the necessary keywords. In such situations, the ideal solution would be to look for other digital marketing opportunities such as social media platforms.

It is also crucial to note that using too many keywords can be equally damaging to a digital marketing campaign. The more keywords are used, the stiffer the overall competition. Such is the reason why it’s best to go for Amazon SEO specialists that can help store owners develop a foothold.


There are many digital marketing tactics available that can increase sales in any Amazon store. All it requires is patience and a good amount of research. With the above tips, it’s possible to develop a digital marketing campaign that allows the store to outperform its peers.

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